Chichikov Hotel
6/8 Gogola St.
Kharkiv, Ukraine
+38 057 752-23-00
+38 057 752-23-23

Lunch menu (240 UAH per person)

Option 1

Fresh vegetable salad
Mushroom cream soup
Chicken fricassee with French peas and tender mashed potatoes
Ice cream

Option 2

Salad of baked beetroot and brynza
Chicken broth with homemade noodles
Baked pork with mustard sauce and baked pumpkin
Chocolate and orange mousse

Option 3

Olivier salad
Borsch with pampushky
Chicken breast with baked potatoes and pickled cucumbers
Lemon dessert cream

Option 4

Vinegret salad
Pumpkin cream soup with croutons
Rockfish with pineapples and saffron rice
Vanilla panna cotta with citrus coulis

Each option incudes:

Coffee or bagged tea
Spring water with lemon and mint / juice